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THE best packager I have used…

“Thanks for the info I will let the housing association know and hopefully get some more business in. I submitted a full app today, really happy with TFC. THE best packager I have used in the 20 years I’ve been doing this.”

Jamie added “ It has enabled me to write more specialist business that I would not have traditionally had a home for.”

Jamie Hastie
Hawthorne Mortgages

Service, Solutions and Support

“Absolutely astounded cannot believe the speed and efficiency throughout this case. Congratulations and well done to your team.

Many thanks and many more cases like this to come.”

Kevin Sheen
KML Financial Services

Service, Solutions and Support

“By using 1APP, I found the right product to fit the clients needs quickly and from one set of data, it populated the DiP and Smartapp, which made the journey much smoother as it populated the lender application and all documents required.

This and the support provided by 1APP, made for a speedy and efficient process so that the lender could offer my case in just a few days”

Ciaran Patel

Just Mortgages

Expertise in dealing with a complex first-time buyer case…

“We’re delighted we’ve been able to prove our expertise in dealing with a complex first-time buyer case. We have a long-standing relationship with TFC which helped to ensure that the process moved along smoothly and at speed. Charlie stack, Key Account Manager at TML, has extensive experience working with complex cases and, combining this with Cara Neilson’s understanding of what our underwriters need to progress an application, we were able to move this application to offer quickly.

We’re thrilled to be able to help the customer with their mortgage needs and look forward to continuing to work closely with TFC and their broker partners in the future.”

Chris Kirby, Head of Key Accounts & Specialist Distribution

Since then the updates and progression of the case have been to the same high standard…

“I just wanted to take the time this morning to email regarding the service I have recently received from Annabelle, Cara, Amanda and the rest of the team.

I have been in the industry for 9 years now and as an advisor my heart sinks when I have to use a packager as it has never been a good experience but clearly I have been using the wrong packager in the past!

I called round as it was a new build, help to buy case with a tight exchange deadline and right away they double checked they still had funding, run the decision in principle in a matter of hours and even had the case full packaged and submitted the very next day with the lender to secure the funds. An amazing effort and something I have never seen or experienced before!

Since then the updates and progression of the case have been to the same high standard, I know what is going on with the case, when I am going to get an update and it is refreshing! If I call everyone is pleasant and helpful, the online system is always updated and I want to acknowledge this, this is an impressive service, they went above and beyond in a time of need and TFC is now my chosen packager.

Please could you pass on my feedback, the service has been exceptional. I just wanted to make sure it is acknowledged and the team know I really appreciate everything they have done to help”

Kirsty Dudek, Mortgage and Protection Advisor

Lavender Mortgages

You have gone the extra mile…

“I would like to thank you for your hard work on this case, you have gone the extra mile and have saved me a lot of time which I know other packagers wouldn’t do. I will endeavour to use your company a lot more in the future.”

David Elliott, Executive

Advisory Services Ltd

Seamlessly processed…

“I would like to put on record how impressed I am with how TFC handled this referral from start to finish. I remember commending my first contact, Amanda McKie, on how efficient she was. The same level of competency was displayed by the processing team, and now by completions who have seamlessly processed my commission payment.”

Leo-Kennedy Azodoh

LA Mortgage Solutions

Speedy, efficient service…

“TFCs system has been a real help to myself, and colleagues. It has enabled us to provide a speedy, efficient service to our clients. It has helped us greatly, being able to quote instantly. We all love the system!”

Russell Grace

Chatsborough Group

Excellent service and attention to details…

“I would like to thank you both for our excellent service and attention to details. I have dealt with a number of companies over the years and by far you guys have been the most professional. Thanks again and I would be happy to recommend your company in the future.”

Steve Barry

St James Place

Excellent & professional at all times…

“The communications from Joy when appropriate was excellent & professional at all times. She fully kept me informed, explained the process clearly and concisely. She provided an excellent service. A very positive and satisfied customer experience.”

Steve James

Fairstone Financial Management Ltd

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