LenderRange / CodesWe receive
(gross fee)
We pay you
(net fee)
Allica Bank1.50%0.750%
Bluestone MortgagesExclusive - Sapphire Club0.90%0.500%
Digital Mortgages (Atom)Commercial1.25%0.625%
Dudley   0.80% 0.400%
Equifinance2nd Charge2.00%1.000%£1,000
Family BSBTL0.90%0.500%
Family BSFamily 95%0.95%0.550%
Family BSOffset0.90%0.500%
Family BSResidential0.80%0.400%
Fleet MortgagesBuy to Let0.80%0.350%
Foundation Home Loans0.85%0.400%
Hampshire Trust BankBridge2.00%1.000%
Hampshire Trust Bank"BTL HMO Semi"1.50%0.750%
InterBayHoliday Lets0.80%0.250%
LendcoBuy to Let0.75%0.375%
NatWest Commercial0.75%0.375%
Octopus Buy to Let 1.00% 0.500%
Pepper Money2nd Charge2.00%1.000%
Pepper Money0.80%0.400%
Precise (Bridging)Non-Regulated 2.00% 1.000%
Precise (Bridging)Regulated2.00%1.000%
Precise (Bridging)0% Facility1.00%0.500%
Precise (BTL)Exclusive - UZW83 & 910.80%0.500%
Quantum MortgagesBTL1.10%0.700%
Redwood BankResidential1.25%0.625%
Redwood BankCommercial1.00%0.500%
Shawbrook CommercialBTL/Commercial1.50%0.750%
Shawbrook CommercialBTL/Non-Portfolio0.75%0.375%
Shawbrook CommercialBTL/Portfolio1.00%0.500%
Shawbrook CommercialBridging1.95%0.975%
Spring Finance2nd Charge2.00%1.000% £1,000
Step One2nd Charge 2.00% 1.000%
Tandem MortgagesMortgages1.00%0.500%
Tandem Home Loans2nd Charge2.00%1.000%
The Mortgage LenderBTL0.85%0.400%
The Mortgage LenderResidential0.80%0.400%
Together CommercialBTL (1st & 2nd)1.50%0.625%
Together CommercialBTL & Home Owner Bus1.25%0.625%
Together CommercialCommercial Term1.25%0.625%
Together CommercialUnregulated Bridge2.00%1.000%
Together PersonalConsumer BTL1.50% (Max £5k)0.750%£2,500
Together PersonalRegulated Bridge2.00% (Max £5k)1.000%£2,500
Together PersonalResidential 2nd Charge2.00% (Max £5k)1.000%£2,500
Together PersonalResidential1.50% (Max £5k)0.750%£2,500
United Trust Bank 2nd Charge 2.00% 1.000%  
United Trust Bank Bridging 2.00% 1.000%  
United Trust Bank Residential 0.80% 0.400%  
United Trust Bank Buy to Let 0.90% 0.450%  
United Trust Bank Buy to Let - NonStandard 1.50% 0.750%  
United Trust Bank Unencumbered 1.00% 0.500%  
Vida Homeloans 1.00% 0.500%  
Vida Homeloans Buy to Let 1.00% 0.500%  
West One Platinum 0.65% 0.250% £4,995
West One Limited Edition 0.75% 0.375%  
West One Residential Variable 0.80% 0.400%  
West One Residential Fixed 0.75% 0.375%  
West One2nd Charge2.00% (Max £5k)1.000%£2,500
West OneBridge2.00%1.000%

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