SmartApps = 1Application for all lenders products applications and documents

SmartApps provides you with 1Application for all lenders and documents
Are you fed up with having to key data into different systems?
Would you like a system with one DIP and Application for specialist Residential, Buy to Let (including Portfolios), Second Charges, Bridging and Commercial?

Say goodbye to PDF Application forms and hours of filling out if a switch of lender is needed.
SmartApps from 1APP
What does SmartApps offer you?
Key your case once and from one set of data SmartApps will
  • Populate all our lenders application forms
  • Populate any other document that the lender requires
  • Verify the data against the lenders specific product criteria
  • If we need to change lender, it transfers the data into the new application
    • Dip data transferred to generate lender application form
    • Use Missing Info function within 1App to complete online in a fraction of time compared to PDF’s
    • Generate and save hard copy of lender application for your records
1APP lenders SmartApp enabled.
Bluestone, Foundation Homeloans, Kensington, Landbay, Pepper, Pepper 2nds, Precise residential and BTL, Shawbrook BTL, Spring Finance, TML, Together PF, UTB residential, BTL and 2nds, Vida Homeloans.
Save even more time! If you need to change lender it will transfer all of the data into the new lenders application and documents!

It gets better, it is FREE to use!
1APP, is a proven system that has processed £9 billion of enquiries already.

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