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1APP cloud-based lender portal
1Application for all lenders applications and documents

No Additional Application Fees on 1APP

Due to the efficiencies that 1APP brings to the processes, we can now offer.

  • No Up-Front Application Fees on any Products (only standard lender application fees apply).
  • No Completion Fees on Standard 1st Charges (standard lender completion fees apply if applicable).
  • Same Commission paid from 1APP as if going direct to the lender.


  • As you key in a DIP it shows in real time the lenders that will fit your clients circumstances with minimal questions.
  • Brokers know why a case is being declined, this allows them to enter those issues without keying a full DIP or wait for an answer (1APP has lenders criteria behind each question, underwriting in real time).

This then populates.

SmartApps (one application for all lenders)

  • When a product is selected it then transfers the data into the application section to fully complete.
  • It populates all our lenders applications and documents to download and upload back into the case.
  • If we change lender, it transfers the data into the new lender application and documents.
  • No manual applications needed.

For all our products it only needs a case to be keyed once.


  • Auto emails at key stages of the case to keep you informed on the progress of your referral.

1APP is an established portal that has processed over £9 billion of enquiries.

It has API data feed into lenders, Land Registry, Companies House and many others.

Our 1APP cloud-based lender portal endeavours to provide a solution for every single case; be it a first or second charge mortgage including buy to let, bridging finance or commercial funding.

On the system you can easily submit DIPs and applications to us, email documents straight into the case and track it 24/7 so you can keep your finger on the pulse. The system underwrites in real time with the lender rules and criteria built behind the questions. It automatically downloads all the documents you need into your case management page.

Did You Know!

1APP provides research from 1 data input for our lenders on:

Residential, BTL, Second Charges, Bridging and Commercial

  • It is FREE to use
  • 1 Login to access all our lenders and products
  • 1 DIP for all our lenders and products
  • You can if you wish, share the DIP with your client to complete
  • Our DIP underwrites your case in real time as all the lender rules are behind the questions
  • Compares all products in one space, (remortgage v second charge and other)
  • Provides this with all fees and details for you to select the right product for your client
  • When you select the product all lender documents and requirements are automatically uploaded into your case management screen for you to download and to upload the completed documents back into your case
  • Auto emails at all stage changes and for requirements
  • All emails are unique to the case so when you reply, your email uploads into your case
  • Access 24/7 as cloud based from the web anywhere anytime to work your case
  • Full audit trail on all actions, emails and notes
  • 1 Process for all lenders and products saving time for your administrators

We have been trading on-line for years, why not join our journey?

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