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13.11.2023 – West One BTL

Limited Edition rate reductions.

14.11.2023 – Livemore

Rate reductions.
New 10 year fixed, with 10 year ERC.

14.11.2023 – Lendco

Rate reductions.

15.11.2023 – Kensington

Launch of new Residential Core Special products, and new Residential Large Loan products.

15.11.2023 – Landbay

  • Reduce rates by 10bps all standard 5y fixed products (29 products)
  • Modify Standard 5y fixed 55% LTV max loan amount from £1.5mn to £2mn
  • Modify Standard 5y fixed 65% LTV min loan from £1mn to £1.5mn and max loan from £1.5mn to £2mn
  • Modify Standard 5y fixed 75% LTV max loan amount from £1mn to £1.5mn
  • Increase rates of tracker products by 20bps (15 products)

16.11.2023 – Pepper

LMR increased to 6.15%.

17.11.2023 – TML

Lumi range renamed to RL4.
Launch of RL5 range.

17.11.2023 – Precise BTL

Reducing existing 75% LTV 2-year and 5-year fixed rates.
Introducing new limited edition products at 70% LTV.

17.11.2023 – Foundation

Rate reductions.

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