Consumer Duty

TFC, being a packager and not a manufacturer of products see that our role is to ensure broker firms have access to the TFC lenders Products & Services Outcome and Price & Value Outcome.

When it comes to Consumer Duty, we work with a selected lender panel. We want to work with our lenders and intermediary partners, to deliver fair outcomes and costs. We will engage with our lender partners to clarify how they are engaging in this process to deliver products.

Consumer Duty and its implementation plan has been embedded into our business plan, company culture, directors, and staff. We are committed to delivering the best outcomes possible after considering the client’s full circumstances, needs and concerns. We endeavour to ensure that you have a full understanding of the product, its terms and conditions and any possible consequences that may occur.

Intermediaries are responsible for ensuring their own fees and charges also represent fair value to their clients. We will provide you with the information you need to understand and communicate how our services, the lender products and associated fees provide fair value to our target market.

As a business we conduct a regular review on our lender panel, on fees, funding, service, and product offering to ensure it is in line with our target market and the fees are in line with market expectations and competition. We also review our fees regularly to ensure we are competitive, fair and that they reflect a reasonable cost for our services. This is an ongoing task.

We are focussed on the needs, characteristics and objectives of customers – including those with characteristics of vulnerability – and how they behave, at every stage of the customer journey. As well as acting to deliver good customer outcomes, we will endeavour to understand and evidence whether those outcomes are being met to support the intermediary and lender.

TFC Target Market and Fee rationale

TFC Homeloans is a leading specialist packager delivering financial solutions for those not serviced by the tradition high street lenders including First and Second ChargeResidential, Buy to Let mortgages, including Portfolios, bridging finance, and Commercial Funding. Our selected lender panel reflects our target market.

We place and process cases through, research, DIP, application, documentation to submission to the lender underwriter for a full range of solutions where the tradition lenders are not providing solutions for clients circumstances. Our team of professional experts will strive to find the best product for client circumstances. It is this approach combined with our dedication to delivering a quality, transparent service that has earned us our reputation as a trusted partner in the market.

Our experienced and highly knowledgeable team provides support to intermediaries and clients nationwide, carving a reputation for quality, transparency and honesty. Our clients, brokers and their clients are at the forefront of our philosophy and our carefully assembled team of experts will ensure a comprehensive end to end service is delivered in every case.


1APP cloud-based lender portal (controls the process, products and fees)

Our 1APP cloud-based lender portal endeavours to provide a solution for every single case; be it a first or second charge mortgage including buy to let, bridging finance or commercial funding.

On the system you can easily submit DIPs and applications to us, email documents straight into the case and track it 24/7 so you can keep your finger on the pulse. The system underwrites in real time with the lender rules and criteria built behind the questions. It automatically downloads all the documents you need into your case management page.

1APP provides universal research, DIP and Application from 1 data input for our lenders on:

Specialist lenders for Residential, BTL, Second Charges, Bridging and Commercial

  • It is FREE to use (fees only charged on the submission of a full application or on completion)
  • 1 Login to access all our lenders and products
  • 1 DIP for all our lenders and products
  • You can if you wish, share the DIP with your client to complete
  • Our DIP underwrites your case in real time as all the lender rules are behind the questions
  • Compares all products in one space, (remortgage v second charge and other)
  • Provides this with all fees and details for you to select the right product for your client
  • When you select the product all lender documents and requirements are automatically uploaded into your case management screen for you to download and to upload the completed documents back into your case
  • Auto emails at all stage changes and for requirements
  • All emails are unique to the case so when you reply, your email uploads into your case
  • Access 24/7 as cloud based from the web anywhere anytime to work your case
  • Full audit trail on all actions, emails and notes
  • Management information system
  • 1 Process for all lenders and products saving time for your administrators
  • Now find the EPC when you DIP your case!


Regulated and Non-regulated

Our initial consultation will always be free and without obligation. There will be a ‘success’ only broker fee for arranging your mortgage and our charges have been calculated taking into account the following: the complexity of the applications we receive, the level of skills and experience required from our advisers plus the typical amount of time it will take to arrange a mortgage.


Our target market is first and second charge loans within the intermediary specialist market and our lender panel does reflect our target market.

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