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Second Charge volumes are creating fireworks,  how can they help!

Do your clients need to reorganise their finances by consolidating debt or to improve their home?

With decades of experience under our belts, second charge mortgages are second nature to us.

We don’t base our decisions on credit scores or have Loan to Income multiple restrictions. Lending is based on an affordability and credit profile assessment, with solutions for many credit profiles turned down elsewhere.

We’ll lend to the self-employed with just 12 months’ trading and accept multiple income sources.

We’ve introduced a Flat Lender Arrangement Fee which makes larger loans more cost effective.

This means we can help clients like Malini.

She’s self-employed and runs her own ceramics design company. With a favourable rate on her existing mortgage, she contacted her bank to extend her borrowing for home improvements but was turned down because of some credit card debt. Having previously taken out a loan with Together to get her business off the ground, she applied for a second charge loan of £73,595 to carry out the works on her£425,000 detached home (and to pay off her credit card debt of £17,000).

She said: “The loan [Together] offered made sense as it was at a lower rate than the one I was paying for my credit card. Together automatically pays off all your unsecured debt when you take out the loan, and provide the rest for the home improvements. The whole process of getting the loan was really easy, in my experience.”

TFC, working with intermediaries for over 30 years.

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