Specialist BTL is our bread and butter
As a dedicated BTL lender, Zephyr is here to support you and your professional landlord clients.

At our heart is broad criteria on a range of property types for individuals, limited companies, and portfolio investors.

If you place a case with us, we will strive to say ‘yes’ and give you a fast turnaround, but if we have to say ‘no’ we will do so quickly, explaining why. With manual underwriting, provided by underwriters you can speak with, and a dedicated BDM to chat with whenever suits, you will have peace of mind knowing your case is in safe hands.

We also do everything we can to give plenty of notice when we need to reprice our rates, so there are no sudden shocks for you and your landlord clients.

We lend on:

  • Houses & flats
  • HMOs
  • MUFBs
  • Flats above commercial
  • Ex LA & deck access
  • New build properties

We lend to:

  • SPV applications
  • Portfolio landlords
  • Unlimited portfolios
  • Up to £2m loan size
  • Up to 4 applicants
  • Up to age 95 at term end

Criteria highlights:

  • No minimum income
  • Top slicing available
  • Gifted deposits, equity & intercompany loans
  • Capital raising

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