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Last Weeks Product Updates

Lendco – 29.05.2023

Rate increase.

Lendinvest – 30.05.2023

Withdrawal of BTL Limited Edition products.

West One BTL – 31.05.2023

All fixed rates increased.

Paragon – 31.05.2023

Relaunch of core range with increased rates.

Foundation – 31.05.2023

Relaunch of core range.

West One resi – 01.06.2023

Fixed rates increased.

Vida – 01.06.2023

Vida are increasing their Vida Variable Rate by 0.25% effective 1st June. VVR will then stand at 6.55%.

Paragon – 01.06.2023

Withdrawal of Holiday let products.

Kensington – 02.06.2023

All fixed rates increased.

Dudley – 02.06.2023

Various products being withdrawn.

Together Personal – 02.06.2023

All 2nd charge fixed rates increased.

Together have removed the Progress range of products and applied the previous Progress demerit criteria to the Prime range. They feel this is a positive move, as it will help customers with recent demerits access the Prime pricing.

Zephyr – 02.06.2023

Relaunch of 5 year fixed products.

UTB – 02.06.2023

All rates increased.

West One BTL – 02.06.2023

Relaunch of 100% DSCR range.

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