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Bluestone – 22.05.2023

Have increased the Bluestone Variable rate from 5.25% to 5.75% from today.

West One BTL – 22.05.2023

Existing Limited Edition 5-year and 2-year fixed W1 Standard and Specialist rates adjusted depending on the product.

Kensington – 23.05.2023


  • 30bps increase on 70% LTV Core & Resi 6 products
  • 30bps increase on all 75% LTV (except RTB & HTB)
  • 10bps increase on all 80% LTV with fee products
  • 5bps increase on all 85% LTV with fee products
  • Withdrawal of 80% LTV Remo Specials (2Y 6.14% & 5Y 6.04%)
  • Change to 95% LTV max loan and repayment type
  • No change to SO, RTB, HTB, 80% & 85% no fee products, or any 90% LTV products


  • No change to standard product range
  • Withdrawal of BTL tracker special (4.70% rate)
  • Withdrawal of BTL 2 year special with 2% fee (4.99% rate)
  • Increase rate on BTL 2 Year specials (standard & specialist) with 3% fee by 30bps (taking it from 4.79% to 5.09%)
  • Relaunch a new BTL 5 year special (standard & specialist) at 5.29% with 3% fee

West One Resi – 23.05.2023

Platinum Range Enhancements

  • Maximum LTV increased from 70% to 75%
  • All Lifetime Tracker rates reduced to BBR + 2.00%
  • Reduced number of LTV bands from five to two (55% and 75%)
  • Interest Only available up to 65% LTV but can consider referrals up to 70% LTV
  • Platinum Range – Fixed Rate Increases

West One BTL – 24.05.2023

  • New Limited Edition 2-year fixed Non-Portfolio W1 Standard with rates starting from 4.60%
  • New Limited Edition 2-year fixed Non-Portfolio W1 Specialist with rates starting from 4.66%

Paragon – 25.05.2023

At COB 24/05/23 Paragon are withdrawing various Core Portfolio & Non Portfolio products.

Landbay – 25.05.2023

All rates increased.

Fleet Mortgages – 25.05.2023

All fixed rates temporarily withdrawn at 12pm 25.05.2023.

Foundation – 25.05.2023

At 5:30pm tonight (Thursday 25th May 2023) they will be withdrawing all of the core range products across both buy to let and residential. These core ranges will then be relaunched next Wednesday 31st May.

Precise BTL – 26.05.2023

Precise are withdrawing their existing range of limited edition buy to let products. Core range products will remain unchanged.

TML BTL – 26.05.2023

With effect from close of business tomorrow – May 26th – we will be making a number of changes to our BTL product range:

  • Withdrawal of all Fixed Rate BTL products. Deadline for FMA is close of business on May 26th

Kensington BTL – 26.05.2023

Withdrawal of all BTL Specials.

Zephyr – 26.05.2023

Withdrawal of all fixed rates.

Shawbrook Commercial – 26.05.2023

Most fixed rates increased.

Foundation – 26.05.2023

Withdrawal of all Special products.

HTB – 27.05.2023

Withdrawal of all BTL and semi-commercial products.
New products will be available after the bank holiday weekend with increased pay rates.

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