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BTL from Quantum – What do they offer

Why Choose Quantum?

  • Day 1 Remortgages up to 80% OMV without proof of works
  • Studio Flats less than 30 sqm
  • All freehold properties including Single Unit, HMO/MUB up to 6 units & holiday lets in Northern Ireland
  • Leasehold properties must have an unexpired term of at least 35 yrs
  • Ex local authority houses & flats with owner occupation below 50%
  • Flats above or adjacent to any commercial premises including food and alcohol
  • Multi Unit Block, including holiday lets; no averaging of the size of the rooms
  • HMO & MUB’s up to 12 units
  • No maximum storeys for high rise
  • No maximum age
  • Semi commercial which consists of at least 60% Residential
  • Mears/Serco Tenancies

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