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Last weeks product changes

06.11.2023 – Landbay

Rate reductions on AVM range.

08.11.2023 – Landbay

  • Decrease rates of 2y fixed products except for Large HMO/MUFB
  • Decrease rates of 5y fixed products FTL, Small MUFB/HMO and Trading Co
  • Increase the rate of all tracker products
  • Remove some 2y fixed and 5y fixed
  • Name change for all Like for Like products, where the ‘Remortgage’ is removed”.

08.11.2023 – West One BTL

Rate reductions.

09.11.2023 – Bluestone

Fixed rate reductions.

09.11.2023 – Together Commercial

New Gold broker product.
5yr fixed exclusive BTL 7.74%.

Please note – This is a manual product and not systemised, you will need to override the rate in MBV.

09.11.2023 – Shawbrook BTL

Overall portfolio stress is increasing to 125% cover at 6.5% (from 6%).

09.11.2023 – Lendinvest BTL

Rate reductions.

10.11.2023 – Vida BTL

Rate reductions.

10.11.2023 – UTB 2nd charge

Reduced product fee and rates.

10.11.2023 – Foundation BTL

Rate reductions.

10.11.2023 – Zephyr

Rate reductions and new product fee options.

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