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HTB – 12.09.2022

Re-price of all rates.

Vida Homeloans – 14.09.2022

Vida Homeloans will be pricing up 49 of its 5 year products across its BTL and Residential range and in addition will be adding 5 residential fee products across all tiers.

Precise – 15.09.2022


  • Re launching full ranges including DMP, tier 5 and 5 year fixed
  • Increase of rates across all ranges


  • Re launching across spaces previously withdrawn in
  • Increase of rates across all ranges

Together Commercial – 16.09.2022

A stress of 1% will be applied to all BTL monthly repayment figures & affordability is assessed via the usual ICR, ONS or stated expenditure channels.

For HOBL, a 3% stress will be applied to customers monthly repayment figures and affordability will be assessed on these in the usual way, ONS or stated expenditure.

They will also be applying the stress to any other charges a customer may have on their property for HOBL.

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