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Livemore – 09.08.2022

Re-price of all rates

Family Building Society – 05.09.2022

New products launched

Foundation Home Loans – 06.09.2022

  1. Withdrawal of the BTL Large loans x 2
  2. Launch of 6 (3 Ind & 3 LLC) green products
    a. F1
    b. HMO
    c. STL
    d. All 6 products are green so the security must have an EPC rating between A – C
    e. All 6 products have a max loan of £1.5m at 75% LTV

Bluestone – 07.09.2022

All rates increasing

Quantum – 08.09.2022

  1. The maximum LTV for loans up to £1,000,000 on single unit and multi ranges has increased to 75% for properties in London and the Southeast
  2. The maximum loan on Specialist range has increased to £750,000 for properties in London and the Southeast
  3. The LTV on the ex-pat and foreign national range has increased to 75%. In addition, the acceptable property types have been extended to include anything that would be acceptable on the single unit or multi-unit range (leasehold flats, small HMOs etc)

Landbay – 08.09.2022

65% LTV Standard 10 Year fixed rate is being withdrawn – All other 10 Year fixed rates are increasing

The Mortgage Lender – 09.09.2022

Re-price of all BTL rates

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